News Highlights

Critical Techworks is developing BMW’s innovative technology for reducing emissions

A hybrid car that upon entering low or zero emissions areas automatically runs as an electric vehicle: this type of technology is called BMW eDriveZones and was developed by Critical Techworks, a joint venture by BMW and Portuguese company Critical Software. This technology reaches Porto, Braga and Lisbon in July.

Win! Customers get gifts from Porto local traders to enliven summer days

Porto City Hall did it again! Like in previous years, the Municipality is promoting a campaign that engages customers and local businesses in Porto; that means that any customer who buys in a local store is gifted a sweet summer treat to help celebrate summer days. The Municipality will provide wrapping paper, stickers and sticky tapes and fans to the traders that adhere to this initiative.

Eco art finds its way through Ai Weiwei’s installation at the Serralves Park

The exhibition themed 'Intertwine', by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei features was specifically conceived to be on display at the Serralves Park and at the Museum‘s central room. It raises awareness on the dangers of extinction and will be on show from 23 July 2021 to 9 July 2022.

WOMEX 2021 is on the way to making it all happen and announces new headliners

WOMEX 2021, the World Music Expo, which takes to Porto between 27th and 31st October, is one of the most relevant music support and development projects in the global music scene. Some of the confirmed national artists and bands are Vitorino, Miroca Paris, the duo Lina_Raül Refree and O Gajo, and the Palco Lusofónica also welcomes the Brazilian work by Ayom and Lucas Santtana, the French Lucia de Carvalho, the Sapnish Tanxugueiras and, from Guinea Bissau, the Bandé-Gamboa.

Lots of exciting ways and places to get to know Circus Arts in the Northern Region

The itinerary circus project “De Volta à Praça”, that gathers the great artistic companies of the Coliseu Porto Ageas and the São João National Theatre is travelling the Northern Region of Portugal, featuring performances and puppet workshops during the easing of lockdown, with people, children and adults alike taking to the streets to get to know what circus magic really means. The cycle concludes in Porto on 17, 18 and 19 September, at Casa das Artes.

Taxi transportation to vaccination centres will get second budget allocation of 120 thousand euros

The Municipal Executive votes the granting of a second fund to support the programme between Porto City Hall and Taxi operators as regards transportation to Covid-19 vaccination sites to Porto residents, on 26 July.

Porto Municipal Theatre new season was announced today

The programming for the Porto Municipal Theatre new season was presented today, and the highlight is the reinforcement in the bet on companies and artists of Porto. Another highlight is the celebration of Rivoli’s 90th anniversary. Still, a total of 118 performances will maintain the online format, as well, to reach new and wider audiences.

Extension of the Ramalde Skate Park will deliver twice the space and the much awaited pool

Two years after the start of the works of the Skate Park de Ramalde, the space is due to be extended and the number one reason for doing so is as simple as this: the adhesion to the Skate Park was huge and that alone justifies the municipal investment of 160 thousand euros. All is estimated to be set by autumn time.

The school term brings special holiday dates with the Mission Férias@Porto

The municipal programme Missão Férias@Porto delivers eight weeks of fun and pedagogical activities to the over 660 children, of which 64% reside in the city of Porto. And although this is the second time that this mission is held amid the pandemic, everything is done according to the safety measures issued by the DGS. Also, Special Educational Needs' students get the chance to try out all sorts of cultural and sports activities. This mission is great!

INESC TEC assesses the risk of forest fires at European level

INESC TEC - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto is one of the partner institutions of the international project FIRELOGUE – Cross Sector Dialogue for Wildfire Risk Management, whose purpose is to promote initiatives that focus on knowledge and best practice sharing, to reduce the risk of forest fires.