Porto and Scotland share experiences in the housing area

The councillor for Urbanism and Public Spaces and Housing welcomed Husam Al Waer, urban planner, professor, and member of the entity "Urban Design Group".

University residence run by students to open in the heart of the Historic Centre

The city’s Historic Centre will receive a shot of new blood with the opening of a university residence, in a building owned by Port City Hall, in Bainharia Street. The management of the facilities will be shared between the City Hall, Federação Académica do Porto (FAP) and the University of Porto.

Residents of the neighbourhood of Tapada organise visit to help identify rehabilitation solutions

The Residents Association of The Bairro da Tapada has invited the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira to visit the neighbourhood, in the Fontainhas area. The visit took place this week, and councillor for Housing, Social Cohesion and Education, Fernando Paulo, and the administrators of Domus Social, Filipa Melo and João Sendim, also joined the visit and shared a “grilled Sardine” meal of São Pedro, offered by the Resident’s Association.

There are new 68 municipal dwellings that will house full new beginnings

The conclusion of the works regarding the new buildings in the area of the Carvalheiras, in Lapa and in Pereiró enabled the City Hall to increase the supply of social housing in the city. Now, there are 68 new municipal dwellings and the housing process started already.

Polo da Asprela offers another 400 student resident units for the 2021/2022 school year

Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, and the councillor for Economy, Tourism and Trade, Ricardo Valente have visited the University Campus of Asprela, namely the campus accommodation LIV Student – Polo Universitário, which is almost completed and is only yards away from the metro station that serves different faculties of the University of Porto.

The Municipality of Porto promotes study to discover “Porto’s style” of living

Porto City hall is conducting a study to get to know the know Porto’s residential market dynamics. In order to help diagnose and characterize the market search, all people that live, work and visit Porto can participate in the survey until 24 May.

Porto Solidário extends support to another 400 households

Out of the 747 received applications under the 9th edition of the Porto Solidário municipal programme 419 applications have been approved. One hundred more since the programme has been launched, in the end of February. This programme is targeted at granting economic support to economic vulnerable households regarding house rent or purchase. The Municipality is strengthening the initial funding of this edition so as to include all the applications received.