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Waste collection adapted to protect workers and special waste bins disinfection

Waste collection is ensured in the city of Porto, but there are new procedures to follow, in the scope of the contingency plan the city is undergoing.

Porto installs pioneer sample centre to sweep Covid-19

Porto has prepared the first track centre for Covid-19 in Portugal, in a joint initiative by the ARS-Norte (Regional Health Authority), Porto City Hall and Unilabs Portugal. This has been installed according to the "Drive Thru" system, and it is especially targeted at people that are suspected to have the Covid-19 and that have been previously signalled by the NHS (SNS).

Municipal police cars move around Porto urging to #StayHome

Since Sunday morning, police cars drive around Porto spreading the messages "Stay at home", "We can't, but you can", "Help us fight coronavirus", "#StayHome in four languages (Portuguese, French, English and Spanish).

São João Hospital provides psychological support to people being treated for Covid-19 and their relatives

The novel coronavirus outbreak can cause people to feel anxious. Aware of that, the University Centre of Hospital São João (CHUSJ) provides a team of nine psychologists experienced in handling crisis situations to support people who are being treated for COVID-19 and their relatives.

Outdoor bars in Porto are temporarily suspended by order of the Mayor

All patio cafés and outdoor bars in Porto are temporarily suspended, as of 15th March, by order of Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, as a preventive measure to fight the spread of Covid-19.

So that we can be this Porto again #FicaEmCasa, #StayHome (video)

The Invicta, a city that was made to be enjoyed! So that we can be this Porto again, #FicaEmCasa, #StayHome, for now! Watch the video and be inspired!

Read what Porto is doing to fight Covid-19

Porto has put in place a set of preventive measures to fight this emergent global health problem, the new coronavirus, Covid-19. Read more.

Qatar learns best practices in Porto

The Commander of the Qatar National Police and Security Chief Officers of that Gulf country were in Porto to accompany the operational and assembly procedures regarding the European Nations League competition, which was hosted by Porto and Guimarães.

Fire-fighters stand out in Seville at the Rescue Great Day 2018

The fire-fighter department of Porto stood out at the Rescue Great Day 2018, a rescue operation by means of cords (Large Scale) held in Seville. The team from Porto achieved the general third place and first place in the Fire-fighters category.

Porto Municipal Police will receive 43 new police agents this Summer

Mayor Rui Moreira stated that the Municipal Police will see an increase in its law enforcement agents from 119 police officers to 213.