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More than 300 rooms available for medical staff in Porto. Porto City Hall coordinates with hospitals

The number of available rooms for medical staff in Porto now exceeds 300. Porto City Hall is coordinating this operation, by sending an updated list of the available rooms to the hospitals administrations and to the Portuguese Medical Association.

New rules regarding the waste management where there are people that have the new coronavirus

LIPOR announced several rules regarding household waste handling and disposal, in the framework of the pandemic by SARS-CoV-2 (CoVid-19) and in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Portuguese Agency for the Environment (APA) and the Regulatory Authority for Water and Waste (ERSAR) on waste management.

Emergency State in Portugal: what does it mean? Know the measures announced by the Portuguese government

The Council of Ministers defined today the measures that are now in place during the Emergency State situation, declared yesterday by the President of the Republic of Portugal, in the scope of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Águas do Porto creates online customer service chat and does readings by phone

The closure of the Águas do Porto help desk, in the framework of the measures to fight the new coronavirus, issued by Porto City Hall, resulted in the establishment of an alternative communication channel between Águas do Porto and costumers. There are now phone services and digital communication at a larger scale.

Students' Ribbon Burning Week is cancelled. See you in 2021

The "Queima das Fitas", scheduled to take place between 3rd and 10th May, has been cancelled by the Academic Federation of Porto - FAP. This is for the greater good of public health and to fight the new coronavirus. The "Queima das Fitas" is back in 2021.

New #StayHome video shows empty streets in Porto, day and night

Not ever this quiet, not ever this silent, and still never this close. This is Porto Invictus that knows this is a war and that it must #StayHome #FicaEmCasa.

Municipal Public Attendance Services are a click away

The Citizen's Office, Águas do Porto, Domus Social and the municipal company Porto Ambiente remain operational and with public attendance via phone or digitally. Remote public attendance is done during normal operating hours.

The President of the Republic has declared emergency rule

The President of the Republic has declared that Portugal is now in a state of emergency, for a period of 15 days, but this period can be re-assessed after these 15 days are over, depending on the situation regarding the CoVid-19.

São João informs by SMS when CoVid-19 tests show negative

The University Hospital Centre of São João (CHUSJ) has implemented an innovative and automatic system to send SMS to people tested for CoVid-19 and whose test showed negative.

Porto is producing one thousand masks a day and the first lot is delivered today

Rui Moreira announced this morning that the local company, with which Porto City Hall coordinate the production of individual protection masks and surgical masks is "already producing one thousand masks a day".