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Mission Hospital is set up in Super Bock Arena to help fight the new coronavirus

In Porto, Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota venue will be turned in a hospital with beds for 300 patients, and 27 wards to help cope with the pressure that would overwhelm the health system in the city.

Know how the Covid-19 is being screened in all the nursing homes in Porto

Porto City Hall launched a full Covid-19 screening to all the nursing homes in Porto last week, an unprecedented initiative in Portugal. Now it is replicated at national level.

Drones overfly the city of Porto to urge the population to #StayHome

Starting tomorrow, 28th March, and as long as it is necessary, two drones will overfly the city of Porto, warning the population that everyone should stay at home.

Porto City Hall will test more than 1500 senior citizens and workers of all the nursing homes in Porto

Porto City Hall project advances testing more than 1500 senior citizens and workers of all the nursing homes to Covid-19, in the city of Porto.

Enhanced social services support in Porto during the Covid-19 pandemic

Meal service is available in designated schools for the children that need it, support to the elderly has been adjusted to their households, solidarity restaurants service is concentrated in the Joaquim Urbano Temporary Shelter Centre, which has also strengthened response capacity with more beds; municipal housing rules have been realigned to face this exceptional situation.

24 hours a day 25 Municipal Police teams urge people to stay at home

24 hours a day 25 Municipal Police teams are on Porto streets to raise awareness on the importance of staying at home. This is a 24 hour non-stop action.

Mobile tracking test to Covid-19 has performed over 1000 tests

Mobile tracking centre to Covid-19, located at the City Park, performed over 1000 tests to people that may have contracted the virus. This facility, the first of its kind established in Portugal, opened less than one week ago, with the support of Porto City Hall, the ARS-Norte and Unilabs.

Municipal teams on stricter public space cleanliness

Municipal Company Porto Ambiente is following stricter public space cleanliness, in the framework of the pandemic, with the goal of preventing further outbreak of the Covid-19 in the city of Porto.

#FicaemCasa #StayHome NOW, Covid-19 is a very serious threat

#StayHome is the clear message that authorities are stating by the hour. Everyone, old and young, should remain indoors, to not put everyone's health at risk.

Emergency Municipal Plan entered into force at 00.00 hours on Monday

Porto City Hall activated the Emergency and the Municipal Civil Protection Plan at zero hours today, 23rd March, complementing the national measures taken under the Presidential Decree on the Emergency State.