Electric charging stations can be set up after draw and should be operational this October

The operators for the ten electric charging stations for automobiles are in place, following the draw held among the candidates. Permits will be dispensed, alongside the respective public space license. Electric charging stations may start operating as of now, with the estimates pointing that by October all equipment is installed.

Metro do Porto Pink Line project works are due to start within the coming weeks

Within the coming weeks, the project works of the Pink Line will commence, as well as the extension work for the Yellow Line, according to a statement by the company, which highlighted that this is the ongoing largest public investment in Portugal.

Walk around Bombarda, Almada, Passos Manuel or Av. de Rodrigues de Freitas in which cars are banned or limited for the weekend

The weekend is here and, in line with the pedestrian precincts that Mayor Rui Moreira and his Executive are implementing, people are able to enjoy the fourth weekend straight of car free zones in major streets in town. This means that shoppers can leisurely enter shops or cafés and practice social distancing in a safe way, either on foot or bike or even enjoy what the city has to offer, namely tables from cafés and restaurants spilling out into the streets, between 8am Saturday and 8pm Sunday.

Conditioned traffic in Porto Atlantic Avenues and riverfront areas also stands for this week's holidays

Access by car to Atlantic boulevards Montevideu, Brasil, Dom Carlos I and Rua do Coronel Raúl Peres and to the riverfront areas in the city of Porto is conditioned, during the public holidays of 10th and 11th June.

Electric scooters are set to go and ride through Porto, starting 1st June

As of this morning, electric scooters are set and ready to ride through Porto. The Smart Mobility Technology came into force today. Users can download the apps through the AppStore or Google Play, and start using "Bird - be free, enjoy the ride", "Circ - enjoy the ride" and "Hive - scooters and bikes", the operators that were granted the licences to share riding scooters and bicycles on Porto public roads.

STCP travels in between districts this Easter need justification

STCP reminds that bus travels in between districts, this Easter, need justification. Thus, passengers that need to travel during this period must have the requisite documents, according to the Law.

STCP recommends passengers to travel only when absolutely necessary

The Society of Collective Transports of Porto - STCP - recommends that passengers should only use this transport in case of absolute necessity. Passengers should act as public health agents and people must resort to bus travels only in situations of dire need.

STCP now runs according to Saturday hours

STCP - The Society of Collective Transports of Porto announced it will reduce the service provided to the public transport of passengers, starting today, 23rd March, in the scope of the contingency measures to fight CoVid-19.

Airliners cut back international flights amid travel restrictions

Three airliners reduced or supressed international flights to Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, in the context of the current situation of public health emergency due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Pedestrian crossings have more instructive signpost in the city of Porto

Porto Municipality is installing a new system for pedestrian crosswalks, in trafiic lights lamp posts all over the city. The new signposts placed by the pedestrian crossings are more appealing and instructive. The purpose is that pedestrians use this system, thus increasing road crossing safety.