Confinement food ingredients or how to avoid food waste during the pandemic

The pandemic has shown the positive result of people realising how much food was being wasted; and households can keep this mindset in the future. With the mandatory lockdown in the country, effective as of 15th January, more people are due to cook their meals at home; as such, the team of the Environmental Department of Porto City Hall has come up with best suggestions on how to plan meals and shopping and also reuse leftovers, all the while saving money.

Meet the queen of winter flowers, the camellia

Winter is harsh and temperatures are dropping, which makes it even more appealing to set the tone for an early spring, and what other than the perfect queen of winter flowers, the camellia to add some warm to the season? Take your tips from Porto Municipal Environment team.

Porto City Hall joins urban tree health European Project

Porto City Hall joined the UrbanMycoServe European project to develop innovative ways to protect urban trees in the city of Porto, namely by using wild mushrooms (aka ectomycorrhizal), which will help care for the urban forest.

The building of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto is an eco-friendly building

Circa 400 photovoltaic panels and over 3.300 LED bulbs have been installed at the FLUP’s building, making it now 88% more efficient than the benchmark, as it is rated as B level, since October last. In addition, more than 250 windows have been replaced, as well. This is an unprecedented initiative that provided FLUP’s building with the best energetic performance.

Porto is on its way to becoming a climate neutral city by 2030

Vice-Mayor of Porto, Filipe Araújo attended the European debate on climate neutral cities and highlighted the role that cities play during the transition to carbon neutrality and carbon offsetting. As such, several examples were laid down to illustrate what the city of Porto has been doing to meet the Paris Agreement aims, and reach a post-carbon economy, by 2030.

Porto switches public lighting to LEDs thus boosting energy efficiency

Porto will have LED streetlights, as unanimously approved by the Municipal Assembly, during an extraordinary meeting, last week. This means that Porto will significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 3800 tons.

Weekend activity: craft your own toys out of leaves, sticks and branches

Enjoy the weekend mornings and take some time to discover nature in Porto. The Invicta maintains high quality green public spaces and there are plenty of gardens and parks where one can pick up branches, sticks and leaves to carry home and prepare for an afternoon indoors building one’s own toys out of the materials collected.

Porto City Hall raises botany awareness by protecting two more trees

Upon proposal of Porto City Hall and with the support of the U. Porto, two trees – a copper beech and a Camphor tree – that stand at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FBAUP) site, are now tree species considered to be of public interest by the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF).

Develop your learning about water with the online sessions of the Water Pavilion

Learn all about water! In a time when the population has to comply with stricter measures to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, and there is a mandatory curfew, especially during the coming weekend, as regards Saturday and Sunday afternoon (as it happened last weekend), there are ways to still spend time with the closest ones. One of such educational and fun activities is to virtually visit the Water Pavilion.

Educational programmes by the Municipal Environment Team

The municipal team of Centro de Educação Ambiental da Quinta do Covelo (aka “Covelo Environmental education Centre) continues to offer weekly episodes on environmental issues, sharing the top tips on fauna and flora. The latest episode is themed “Ambiente Descomplicado” [“Uncomplicated Environment”, free translation] and it is available on the YouTube of “Porto.”.