Green and leisure spaces benefited with fitness equipment and basketball hoops

Porto City Hall has invested around 640 thousand euros in fitness equipment, to which were added 100 thousand more in the requalification and placement of 15 basketball hoops in sports venues for this purpose. These are real outdoor gyms. Spread all over the city, inviting people to exercise.

Enjoy the weekend and explore another edition of Jardim da Água

This Saturday, the entertainment programme “Jardim da Água” returns, with proposals for the whole family, to Parque das Águas, where you can find rare plants, old fountains, ancient city fountains and the best of Urban art.

Porto Climate Pact aims at mobilizing all members of society to achieve more ambitious goals

The Porto Climate Pact was presented, last Monday, during the public meeting of the Executive – an initiative through which the municipality intends to bring society together in a commitment to ambitious goals with regard to carbon neutrality.

Three green spaces in Porto are up for an international award

The public’s vote will serve to deliver the International People’s Choice Award, attributed by the same entity responsible for the coordination of the Green Flag Award, and there are three green spaces in Porto in the running for the award.

Giving and recycling are two words that colour Christmas

A few days before Christmas, and appealing to this season’s spirit, the city’s company Porto Ambiente recalls the importance of recycling and correctly dispose of the waste that can be repurposed.

Invicta encourages other cities towards circular economy

The CityLoops collaborative network was launched in Porto, a partnership that unites municipal entities, the social sector and tourism organisations in the Northern Region in the prevention and reduction of food waste.

Porto integrates the global list of 95 cities that lead in environmental action

The city of Porto was recognised by the non-governmental organisation CDP as one of the 95 cities in the world that is taking a bold lead in environmental action and transparency, despite the pandemic’s ongoing pressure on local and national economies and societies.

British Ministry recognises, once again, gardens in Porto among the best in the world.

The Jardim Botânico, the Parque da cidade and Jardim do Passeio Alegre in Porto are, once again, on the list of the best green spaces in the world, according to the evaluation of the Green Flag Award.

Porto Breaths | Environment

Environment in Porto.

Night trip with our friends, the bats at the Parque Oriental

Today, 6th August, there is a trilling nocturnal adventure at the Parque Oriental. There is the opportunity to get to know more about bats and how these mammals live. This initiative marks the 30th anniversary of the years of the Agreement for the Conservation of Bats in Europe, under the Bonn Convention.