Porto celebrates the camellia, the queen of winter flowers

This will be the 25th edition of the Camellias celebration in Porto, for the first time hosted at Porto Customs, on 7th and 8th March. All activities are access free.

130 years of National Geographic on display at the Rectory of the University of Porto

the renovated Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto plays host to the National Geographic exhibit themed "Um Século e Tanto" ["Quite a Century", free translation], from 18th October 2019 till 19th July 2020.

Tulip blossom brings winter garden colour to Porto

Porto is always a sensory delight, whatever season of the year, but these days, tulip blossom brings a splash of colour and liveliness to the city. Follow the Tulips' path in The Invicta.

Porto shapes the debate on environmental sustainability

The Gallery of Biodiversity- Living Science Centre opens a cycle of debate on environmental sustainability and biodiversity this 6th February, at 9.30pm. Entrance is free, but subject to room capacity.

New City shelter for animals in Porto provides housing and treatment and gets them ready for adoption

Cats and dogs now have a new place to live in Porto, while waiting for an owner who will cherish them for as long as they live. This is the first shelter of its kind in town and it provides circa 220 boxes for dogs - 126 more than the old kennel in Porto - a surgery room for the sterilization of cats and dogs, also a separate nursing room to treat and accompany the housed animals, exercise and sociability areas, and a hygiene and shearing area as well.

A walk in the park!

It looked like there was little time for the big little things when the Christmas frenzy was upon us! But now, keep calm as things have entered a different speed: now you have time to ponder what to expect from the months ahead and what better way to do it than taking a walk in the park.

Botanical Garden's Metrosidero in Porto shortlisted for European Tree of the year

The octogenarian and imposing Metrosidero (Metrosideros excelsa) located at the Botanical Garden of Porto is shortlisted as a finalist to the "Tree of the year" 2020 competition. The online voting is open. Get involved and vote. Online voting runs till 1st December. The results are announced the following day.

School Ship Sagres, equipped as a research vessel, will set sail to gather Terrestrial Magnetism data and study climate change

School Ship Sagres will go on a voyage that will last approximately 371 days. The iconic vessel sets sail on 5th January and its mission is to perform atmospheric electricity measurements to gather data and study climate in the scope of the SAIL project. This trip takes to the ocean with the spirit that led Magellan to sail around the world 500 years ago and also 100 years after the first measurements performed by the research vessel Carnegie.

Porto connects urban and nature with the newly extended Oriental Park

Whatever you choose to call it, urban green spaces, urban greenery, or public park, Porto now has an extended Oriental Park to the delight of everyone: residents, passers-by or nature lovers.

The first Portuguese institution to feature a positive carbon footprint is in Porto

It's been several years now that SEA LIFE Porto is worried with the negative effects of the environmental impact regarding oceans and nature. In 2019, celebrating its 10th anniversary, this institution features a positive carbon footprint, thus becoming the first entity to achieve such a goal in Portugal.