Air France and KLM announce direct flights from Porto to Paris and Amsterdam in 2017

French airline Air France has this week announced a new route that will see it connect Porto to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris with 3 flights a week, starting 26 March 2017. KLM also announced flights from Porto to Amsterdam, one of the routes dropped by TAP.

Three decades waiting to start renovation works at Bolhão Market

The international public tender for the "Restoration and Modernization of the Bolhão Market" with publication of the notice in the Official Journal of the European Union, is launched this Monday, December 19, 2017. The construction, repair and renewal work carried out are intended to last 720 days, taking place by mid-2017 and will cost 25 million euros.

Porto is the best destination to celebrate New Year's Eve Again

Porto is the destination of choice for the turn of the year, beating Lisbon and Paris. According to the study prepared by the hotel search platform, Porto is the most popular destination for Portuguese to ring in the New Year, followed by Lisbon and London, and then Paris and Funchal.

Porto Innovation Hub goes to i3S this Thursday

Porto Innovation Hub goes outside this Thursday, December 15, at 10.00 pm, and the Research and Innovation Institute of the University of Porto (i3s) opens doors to those who want to have a look behind the scenes of i3s research work in three areas of health: Cancer, Interaction and Host Response, Neurobiology and Neurological Diseases.

Water bills fall in Porto in 2017

Household water and sewage bills will fall in Porto, over the coming year, according to municipal company Águas do Porto. Bills dropping on customer's households is possible thanks to the company's management gains and the success of the ownership change of Águas do Douro and Paiva, SA, a former multi-municipal Water Collection, Treatment and Supply System company, which prevented the rise of the cost of water in 2017.

Water Pavilion closes for works and reopens in October 2017

The Water Pavilion closed to the public on November 26, 2016 for rehabilitation works. Architect Alexandre Burmester will be in charge of the upcoming project. The exhibition area will be redesigned for new and modern contents. Reopening is scheduled for October 2017.

Tripass card takes you to the cinema in downtown Porto

Starting next Tuesday, Tripass card is on sale, issued by Porto City Hall. The card entitles its users privileged access to the cinema circuit in downtown Porto from January 1, 2017, granting discounts and other benefits in Trindade cinemas, Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli / Campo Alegre and Passos Manuel.

Christmas Circus at the Coliseu in Porto

This festive season, experience the magic combined at Coliseu do Porto as Christmas and Circus wish you a very happy Christmas. Coliseu celebrates its 75th anniversary and has prepared a spectacular show. While there won't be any animals being tamed, this year's show gives the audience the chance to meet the best contemporary artists that will overwhelm you with grandeur.

Innovation Hub opens in Porto

The Innovation Hub opens in Porto and is located next to the City Hall. Its mission is to foster socio economic development and competitiveness through innovation by creating new business opportunities, enhancing synergies and empowering entrepeneurs.

Up Street Porto at Silo Auto

Urban Art market brings local crafts and gifts to Porto from December 8 to December 11, where there is something to be found for all.