NOS Primavera Sound Day One full of animating spirit

Probably the best summer festival in the country, Nos Primavera Sound started up today. Tens of thousands of people of different nationalities gathered at Parque da Cidade to celebrate music.

Toast to São João at the handmade beer festival at Palácio de Cristal

The official programme for the festivities of São João, patron saint of Porto, includes the Porto Beer Festival, held at Palácio de Cristal Gardens. This is the second edition of the festival devoted to handmade beer.

Ferris wheel started rotating at Boavista in Porto

The scent of São João is in the air! People can now commute to Boavista area for entertainment. A Ferris wheel, sometimes called Great Wheel, is also part of the enjoyment. For those brave enough to try out the amusement ride, the non-building structure is 40 metres high with a capacity for 144 people.

ALUMIA project features "Installation de Feu" by French street art collection Carabosse, near the old Municipal Prison

The "Installation de feu" ("Fire garden" in English) by French street art collection Carabosse will ablaze Porto at Amor de Perdição square, Saturday, 27 May, by creating a magical night time scenario, between 9 pm and midnight.

"Quality In" European Certification Standard for Porto nightlife

Porto is now a member of European network Safer Nightlife, a European peer project issued with the aim of promoting health and harm reduction in recreational settings.

Tai Chi meditation in motion at Palácio de Cristal

Celebrate World Tai Chi Day at gardens Palácio de Cristal, next Saturday, April 29. The ideal setting with an exceptional view to find inner peace amidst everyday turmoil.

Chill out! Porto Belo Street Market is here!

Visit the pleasant street bustle and hustle in Porto Belo Market, in Carlos Alberto Square, on 12 January as you may find extraordinary memorabilia you are longing for. The market runs from 10 am till 6 pm and offers lounge music and a comfort area for you to rest and for the children to play.

Sá da Bandeira Street is a go-to destination in Porto

Sá da Bandeira Street is one of the major commercial streets in charming downtown Porto, and it is a go-to destination of visitors to town.

French astronaut shares stunning photo of Porto from space

Thomas Pesquet snaps stunning night picture of the city of Porto, taken from the International Space Station, about 400km above the Earth.

Urban Market at Praça das Cardosas

The coming weekend will come alive with arts, craft and design with Urban Market at Praça das Cardosas, from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th, between 11 am and 6 pm. Admission is free.