Travel the week with online free activities by Porto Municipal Theatre

Porto Municipal Theatre prepared a special programme for a special time: Easter. Staying at home also means time for fun and joy with loved ones. There are three amazing stories to share with the younger ones and workshops on what artwork really means. These activities are free.

Rui Moreira participates in the first EU University and Culture summit and affirms the key role of culture in the city

Mayor Rui Moreira participated in the EU University and Culture summit, themed “Fostering the Union through Culture and the Arts”. The Mayor highlighted the key role of culture in the development of the city and advanced that “this is the best investment we can make”. The two-day online event kicked off on 29th March and concludes today, 30th March. Follow this link or view it on YouTube. No registration is required.

TMP celebrates World Theatre Day with online programming

Porto Municipal Theatre (TMP) marks World Theatre Day – celebrated on 27th March, with an online programming that kicks off today, at 7 pm. The plays “Paisagem” and “Passos em volta” take to the digital stage.

Porto Municipal Gallery reopens on 6th April with a new calendar of exhibitions

Porto Municipal Gallery reopens on 6th April and resumes its programming for the remaining of 2021. The calendar of exhibitions was balanced by the Porto Municipal Gallery’s artistic team, and all the artists, curators and partners to ensure that the previously announced exhibitions take place.

Porta-Jazz live streams “Meia-maratona” this weekend

This weekend, on 20th and 21st March, the Porta Jazz Association live streams six jazz concerts of 2019 and 2020. This event is themed “Meia-Maratona”, and it is available at the Munin Live international streaming platform.

Book loans and take away service as people return to Public Municipal Libraries

Porto Municipal Libraries are now open, as of 15th March, owing to the easing of restrictions. The novelty is that Municipal Libraries card holders have access to bookshelves for book loans.

BEAST International Film Festival 4th edition takes to the online platforms

BEAST, the festival from Porto that showcases films by Eastern Europe filmmakers and Portuguese directors, who reside outside the country, will be held online, in partnership with the Streaming Filmin platform. This year, BEAST is devoted to Romania and kicks off on 24th march, and runs until 4th April.

Lello is open, entrance is free and yes, you can judge this bookshop by its cover: it is as amazing as it looks like

The centennial bookshop that combines books and a magic scenario, reopened to the public, following the easing of the confinement restrictions, as announced by the Government. As of 15th March, doors are open and, for now, entrance is free. Take time to appreciate the new colours that deck the amazing staircase: the lavish red has been temporarily replaced by yellow and grey. Lello is open between 10.30 am and 1 pm, and between 2 pm and 5.30 pm.

FITEI is back this May and offers both digital and in-presence performances

The FITEI - International Iberian Theatre Festival, is back from 1st to 16th May, as announced by the organisation to Lusa. The main novelty is that the festival will take to both the digital and the in-person format. Theatres, cinemas and concert hall are to reopen on 19th April.

#PERISCOPE, by Serralves Online Experience

SOLE - Serralves Online Experience debuts its first podcast themed #PERISCOPE, which features British artist Mark Fell, Australian choreographer Adam Linder and Polish dancer Ola Maciejewska.