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Cookies Policy
What are Cookies        

The Cookie is information which is automatically placed in the computer's hard drive when accessing to certain websites. The cookie only identifies the browser in the server, allowing for the storage of information in the server to improve the users' web experience and analyse and review the website performance. The information processed regards the Users' browsing preferences, such as the way Users access and use the website and in which country area they access it and they do not include, as such, any information or personal data regarding the Users but instead only generic information. Most browsers are programed to accept cookies, although it is possible to reconfigure the browser to refuse all cookies or to warn when a cookie is being sent. However, please note that some features of our website might not work properly in case cookies are deactivated.

Why do we use Cookies

Our Website uses cookies, as described below and Município do Porto shall be the entity responsible thereby. The use of cookies is aimed at improving the performance of our Website and maximizing your browsing experience, namely by allowing for a faster and more efficient browsing, since it eliminates the need to introduce repeated information. This Cookies Policy explains how we do it. In any case, should you have any questions regarding the functioning of cookies used by Município do Porto, please contact us at

Cookies Management

TAll browsers allow each user to accept, refuse or eliminate cookies, namely by selecting the
appropriate settings in the browser.
Be aware, however, that the deactivation of cookies might affect, partially or in its entirety,
the Site browsing experience.
You can configure the cookies in the "options" or "preferences" menu of your browser.
The cookies may be deactivated, depending from your browser.
To learn more about cookies, please visit, where you can
find information on how to manage many internet browsers.


Município do Porto reserves the right to, at any moment, without prior notice and effective immediate, change, add, update or eliminate, partially or in its entirety, the terms of this document.
The cookies list will be updated when necessary, as the functions or the Website services are
subject to any change. Without prejudice to this, during said update it is possible that some
cookies cease to be included in said list. [In any case, the cookies will have the same purpose as
the ones listed below.
The Users should review this document on a regular basis in order to confirm whether updates
or further changes were made.

Technical NameFunctionStorage Period
PHPSESSIDIt stores essential information related to the user's session ID
for navigation management during the session.
Duration of the session
_gaThis cookie collects information about how users use this site for
analytical purposes.

2 years

This cookie limits data collection if too many requests from users are received on a page. Some user requests are blocked and results are projected.

10 minutes
This cookie collects information about how users use this site for analytical purposes.24 hours

How to contact us 

If you have any questions, comments or doubts concerning this Cookies Policy or other
information processing practices of this Website please contact us at