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News Porto.

What is
The portal is a port of entry for positive information about the city of Porto. Produced by the Office of Communication and Promotion of the Porto City Council, it has its own production of news content (texts, photography and video). The portal is still a place of dissemination and promotion of third-party information, such as institutions of the city (whether or not supported by the municipality); information about Porto, spread by the media in Portugal or abroad and the so-called "participatory journalism" created-content, broadcast on blogs, social networks or other means of informal online communication.

What is it for? has an own domain in the web environment and it is also browser-based for iOS and Android app, intending to be a channel for promoting the brand "Porto." (#portoponto) and all its components, being in constant development and with the medium-term objective to extend its scope, its sources and to establish itself as the great positive information channel about the city of Porto, its institutions and its protagonists. It also aims to promote the dissemination of positive information of those who normally have no access to formal and traditional media, such as small associations, lesser known or anonymous artists who perform meritorious activity in the city.

What's its mission?
The portal has the mission to inform Porto inhabitants and visitors of the most important and positive events of Porto and about Porto, giving them the opportunity to fully participate in the cultural, social, recreational, sports and political life of the city.

How can I participate?
The website team monitors social networks, namely by searching for #portoponto hashtag. Every social media user will simply have to tag his/her content so that it draws the attention of the portal's editorial team. Those interested in submitting formal information about the activity of the institutions they represent can also send information to the press-release section by filling out the online form provided in this area of the portal.

Who pays for
The production of the portal is fully ensured by the Office of Communication and Promotion of the Porto City Council, and its production and maintenance provided by the local authority services. It is therefore almost exclusively the use of existing internal resources, without additional costs for the budget. The portal does not allow advertising, seeking thus not to be a competitor of online media outlets already existing in the city of Porto.