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What do you do on weekends? This might be it and it is free

Free municipal classes of Pilates, Yoga and Tai-Chi will also be available in three additional sites in Porto, starting this March. The initiative extends to the Social Centre of the Pasteleira Neighbourhood, the Espaço TODOS and the gym at the Lagarteiro Pavilion. Participation in the sessions is free, the only requirement is the use of comfortable equipment. These are drop in free classes that help the community reboot and be ready to face the hectic labour week! We've got your back!

As of March, the Municipal Programme "Days with Energy" will become more inclusive as it extends to other three locations in Porto. This new agenda kicks off the first Saturday of March, which will include three new locations for these drop in classes, adding to the already provided free classes at the Municipal Pavilion Fontes Pereira de Melo. 

The programme extension is promoted by the municipal Company Ágora - Cultura e Desporto, jointly with the Municipal Department for Social Cohesion, under the programme AIIA - Abordagem Integrada para a Inclusão Ativa- (Integrated Approach Towards Active Inclusion) and in the scope of the "Porto com Corpo&Alma" ["Porto with Body&Soul, free translation initiative.

This innovative project of Porto City Hall, supported by Portugal 2020, through the NORTH 2020 Operational Programme is aimed at promoting physical activities and entertainment events among the most disadvantaged communities in Porto.

Thus, three integrated venues in each of the three communities, prioritised within the AIIA Programme, host free "Days with Energy activities, such as Yoga, Pilates and Tai-Chi. This is significant as it raises awareness on the importance of staying active and living a healthy lifestyle, while boosting one's own energy and inner stamina.

The communities are located at Vale da Ribeira da Granja, Vale de Campanhã Norte and Vale de Campanhã Sul.

Starting this May and running till October, the programme is held outdoors, with the same calendar; this means that the classes now held at the Social Centre of Pasteleira take to the Pasteleira Park, the classes at Espaço TODOS and at Lagarteiro Pavilion will also be held outdoors, at the Oriental Park of Porto.

Sites and Timetables of the programme:

The following venues will provide two free classes, each Saturday, on a monthly basis, according to the timetable below:

Centro Social da Pasteleira, located at the Rua da Gazeta Literária, 39-89; the Espaço TODOS, located at the Rua de Manuel Pinheiro da Rocha, former headquarters of Cerco Football Club; and the Gym at the Lagarteiro Pavilion, located at Avenida de Francisco Esteves.

> 1st, 4th, 5th Saturdays

9.30am - Pilates
11am - Yoga

> 2nd Saturday

9.30am - Tai chi
11am - Pilates

> 3rd Saturday

9.30am - Yoga
11am - Tai chi

Participation is always free and no registration is required. Just drop in at the scheduled time and wear comfortable clothes and a Yoga or Pilates mat.