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News Porto.


Travelling art all over Portugal by Serralves to celebrate thirty years of this cultural institution

Serralves celebrates its 30th anniversary and showcases art from its collection throughout the country. Thus, parks, palaces, museums and galleries are the happy recipients of Serralves artwork. This is done in the framework of a partnership between the Serralves Foundation and several municipalities in the country. 

The list includes ten cultural venues from different parts of the country that will host Serralves art collection, one of the most important contemporary fine art collection at world level, gathered in the course of 30 years, and that comprises artwork by national and international artists.

These initiatives are part of an exhibit programme with the goal of showcasing Serralves acquis and make it accessible to diverse types of public, in different regions of the country.

This travelling programme goes across the country to fulfil Serralves mission to further the decentralization of the cultural offer and finding ways of culture not being made strange to those whose access to culture is not as easily achieved.

If you happen to be in Porto, pay a visit to the Palácio da Bolsa and appreciate the exhibit by the British artist Angela Bulloch, themed "Heavy metal stack of six". Also on show in town, the exhibit "Viagem ao princípio: ida e volta - 30 anos da coleção de Serralves", which gathers thirty years of the Serralves acquis, at Porto City Hall Council Chambers.

The municipality of Abrantes, in the central Médio Tejo subregion of Portugal, hosts the exhibit "O parque em macro II - da coleção em abrantes", about the Serralves Park, its fauna and flora; also, Chaves, a city and a municipality in the north of Portugal, hosts the "Helena Almeida - Habitar a obra: na coleção de Serralves em chaves" exhibit in the Nadir Afonso Museum.

Faro, the southernmost city and seat of the district of the same name, in the Algarve region of southern Portugal features the Photo exhibition "Patrícia Almeida - Portobello - da coleção em Faro", at the Teatro das Figuras.

Ponte de Lima, the oldest chartered town and head of a municipality in Portugal, located in the southern bank of the Lima, a small river with sources in Spain, showcases "Da Coleção em Ponte de Lima: a minha casa é a tua casa", a display on hospitality at the Palacete Villa Morais and at the Torre da Cadeia Velha.

Espinho, a city and a municipality located in the Aveiro District, showcases "Silvestre Pestana: um artista de contraciclos - From the Serralves Collection in Espinho, at the Municipal Museum.

Caminha, a municipality in the north-west of Portugal, hosts "Corpo, abstração e linguagem na arte portuguesa: obras da secretaria de estado da cultura em depósito na coleção de Serralves at the galleries of the Municipal Museum".

Matosinhos, a city and a municipality in the northern Porto district of Portugal, bordered in the south by the city of Porto, showcases "Mesa dos sonhos: duas coleções de arte contemporânea - Fundação Luso-americana para o desenvolvimento e Fundação de Serralves" at the Municipal Gallery and also the "Viagem ao princípio: ida e volta - 30 anos da coleção de Serralves" exhibit at the Leixões Cruise terminal. This is an extension of an exhibit that is on show at the Serralves Park, Museum and Casa.

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