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News Porto.


This season, someone special will greet you at Parque de Nova Sintra!

This is the first edition of the "Jardim da Água" event, aimed at bringing together the community and the Parque Nova Sintra, on 7th December. Be there from 10am till 5pm. And guess who will be there to greet you?

Santa Claus, with lots of merriment and joyful activities, as this is the run-up to Christmas. The venue is Parque das Águas, located at the headquaters of the company "Águas do Porto".

There will be guided tours, interactive games prepared for for family and friends.

The "Jardim da Água" also features a traditional market. Entrance is free, however, guided tours and sessions at the Planeta Água require previous registration via email or over the phone: 934 440 072.

This event is promoted by "Águas do Porto" and this will be the first of many monthly events.

Car parking is free, during this event, at the Águas do Porto parking lot.


» 10am / 5pm

- Central de Nova Sintra - Planeta Água [Planet Water] (7 sessions)

- Rua das Fontes - Traditional Market with 20 stalls

- Library of the Garden (Alice's Place) - BBB Documentary "A Minha Paixão por Árvores" [My Passion for Trees] with actress Judi Dench

- Greenhouse Exhibit Gallery - Exhibit "Poesia Fragmentada + em Repouso + Inteiras"; [Fragmented Poetry + Resting + Whole] artist: Ana Willerding

- "Gota a Gota cuidamos do Planeta" [In dribs and drabs we take care of the Planet], by the Municipal Department of Health Promotion of Porto City Hall

» 10am / 12.30pm | 1.30pm / 5pm - Face Painting

» 10am / 1.30pm | 2.30pm / 5pm - Soap bubble entertainer

» 10ªm / 1.30pm | 2.30pm / 17h00 - Santa Claus and set with photographs

» 10am / 1pm | 2pm / 5pm (30 minute session) Christmas tales

» 10.30am / 12.30pm | 1pm / 4.30pm - Mascot of the Water Pavilion - Vita

» 10am / 1pm | 2pm / 5pm - Letters to Santa workshop

» 11am - Guided Tour with historic context by Architect Mário Mesquita (previous registration is mandatory)

» 11.30am - Music and ballet performance by PALLCO - Performing Arts School & Conservatory

» 3pm - Guided Tour with historic context by Professor Germano Silva (previous registration is mandatory)