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The world through the eyes of National Geographic: 130 years displayed in Porto

The renovated Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto hosts the National Geographic exhibit themed "Um Século e Tanto" ["Quite a Century", free translation], from 18th October 2019 till 19th July 2020, celebrating the 130 years of National Geographic's important work in the world, namely through objects, photographs, maps and excerpts of documentaries.

It is said that "nothing or no one has it all", but we dare say that this show has almost everything when it comes to showcasing the most important moments captured by National Geographic collaborators over a century and three decades (and counting!).

The walls of the central building of the said museum will be the picture perfect photo wall for the first photograph of the wild published by National Geographic, Jane Goodall's cuddle to a newly born chimp, or even the discovery of Machu Picchu.

The exhibition is divided in nine sections, where visitors can get acquainted with the first years of the National Geographic Society, its present and future, as well as its mission.

There are different fields of action that progress as the world also progresses; from the galaxies to the bottom of the oceans, from finding new species to help mitigate the negative impact of plastic in the environment, National Geographic "goes further and farther".

The display is on show from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am until 6pm, and visitors are able to buy a joint ticket to the "Sharks" exhibit, on show at the biodiversity Gallery - Centre of Living Science/ Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto.

A bit of History

National Geographic was founded in 1888, when 33 scientific experts have established the National Geographic Society so that knowledge would be shared and new research would be commenced.

130 years after this milestone date, National Geographic remains one of the non-profit institutions with worldwide recognition and a benchmark in all fields of research.

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