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News Porto.


The University of Porto makes headway as the leading University in Portugal
The highest scores were registered at the University of Porto, regarding the National Competition for Access to Higher Education 2020/2021. Three out of the five courses with the highest score are from the UP. 

The number of students to apply to a faculty of the UP as a 1st choice represents almost the double of the available vacancies. A total of 4715 students were admitted to degrees at the UP, which means that 100, 5% of the study programmes of the faculties of the UP were chosen by candidates.

This year has seen a rise in the general score to the National Competition Access to Higher Education examination, as the UP makes headway as the leading university in Portugal, offering 16 bachelors and masters programmes among the 50 courses with the highest scores in the country, followed by the University of Lisbon, with 13 courses.

A welcome kit will be handed out to all students that were admitted to the University of Porto - and enrolled for the first time - and that includes a t-shirt, a tote bag, a cape and a bracelet that grants free and privileged access to spaces and museums in the city of Porto for an entire week, as well as one week free of the UPFit programme.

The usual reception party, held in front of the Rectory, will this year be replaced by an online welcoming programme, which runs from 28th September to 2nd October, to enable new students to get to know their faculties and academic associations.