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News Porto.


The Room (and other best worst movies) screening in Porto

The Passos Manuel Cinema screens the best worst films ever shot, under the cycle "Passos no Escuro", themed "É mau? Ótimo!" ["Is it Bad? Good!", free translation]. The event kicks off in February, but early birds are available as of today.

The cult movie "The Room", directed and performed by Tommy Wiseau is the most representative of such bad movies that turned into cult movies on account of their flop in cinema screens.

Some of the rituals in watching The Room is throwing spoons at the screen or dressing like the character in the movie. This cycle has been going on for seventeen years now, with cult fans ensuring the success of such type of event. 

José Santiago is the curator of "Passos no Escuro", and shares that this edition relies with the participation of Greg Sestero, one of the lead actors in "The Room" and also author to the book that documents all the ups and downs of the movie making.

Greg Sestero will host the film screening on 7th February, at Passos Manuel, starting at 9pm. Prior to the screening there will be a short documentary on "The Room", a performance where the actor reads parts of the script and answers questions from the audience, whilst explaining the rules to view the film on the big screen.

This a special occasion within the event "Passos no Escuro". The other cult movies will be screened on Wednesdays around 10pm, namely "Hard Ticket to Hawaii", by Andy Sidaris, "Samurai Cop", by Amir Shervan, and "Tammy & the T-Rex", a 1994 film whose leading actors are the late Paul Walker ("Fast & Furious") and Denise Richards ("Wild Things").