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News Porto.


The number four (out of ten) top hip European neighbourhoods is in Porto! Came check it!

To get to know a place, one must enter the city's most authentic streets and districts, so as to really get a feel of how people really live! As such, The Guardian shortlisted 10 of the coolest neighbourhoods in Europe and Bonfim, in Porto, is spotlighted as number four, ahead of neighbourhoods in Warsaw, Rome or even Paris.

The district is pictured as a "fast finding favour with a young, creative crowd", and, in fact, it is just "a 20-minute walk from downtown and handy for primary exit routes: Porto's main bus terminal and train station are on the doorstep and there's a metro line to the airport".

In Bonfim, there are must see places and "galleries never disappoint"! And if you're up for a stunning view over the river Douro, just head to the Jardins Nova Sintra, recently upgraded, where one might well feel as having encountered an oasis in the midst of the urban landscape.

There's more to Porto than its trendy downtown centre! We'll leave to you to go about it!

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