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News Porto.


The Aquaporto Festival raises awareness on the need to care about water, only this time, the event takes on a digital format
The "O FUTURO É HOJE" aka "THE FUTURE IS TODAY" is the key issue for AQUAPORTO 2020, because water is our most fundamental resource and it is scarce. 

As stated by the organization, "we fight for the Blue Planet as safely and as enlivened as ever! Now is the time to try and make a difference", amid these estranged times and the ongoing pandemic.

The AQUAPORTO festival takes off on 1st October, at the City Park. Everyone is invited to join Aquaporto Live and Aquaporto 360, a virtual visit that features an array of challenges and surprise events, via the website

The goal is to call on citizens' attention to the pressing need to care about water. The topic of water security for people and for the environment is crucial as this and the coming generations are urged to change the way planet Earth is explored.

The event is promoted by Porto City Hall and audiences can enjoy a full programming devoted to the simple things anyone can do to help our environment.

This initiative is held on an annual basis and the programme includes science, entertainment and culture to the City Park this October. This year is no different, although on a digital format, just one click away.