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The Death of Painting at Serralves showcases the art of Miró

"Joan Miró and the Death of Painting" is the new exhibit on display at Serralves, from 12 December till 3 March 2019.

The exhibit is curated by Robert Lubar Messeri and it focusses on the artistic work by the Catalan painter in 1973, when Joan Miró, aged 80, was preparing an important historic retrospective at the Grand Palais, in Paris. And, at the moment that critics would state the "Death of Painting" as a fait accompli in view of the artistic practices that can be cloaked in modernism - artwork process, performance, land art and installation. 

Miró wanted to test the painting, in an attempt to better its resources and proceedings.

The exhibit displays 23 paintings that will join the 11 art pieces of former BPI that have veen deposited in Serralves from the collections Fundació Joan Miró, Collection Adrien Maeght, Fundación Mapfre and Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró.
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