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News Porto.


Start exploring Bombarda Arts District on 14th March

The second cycle of Inaugurações Simultâneas [Simultaneous Openings] at Miguel Bombarda District is back on 14th March. Between 4pm and 8pm, art galleries open doors and welcome everyone to experience art in person. All events are access free.

Expect no less than cultural encounters and massive entertainment. Also, this year marks a turning point in the cycle's image; the official poster of the second edition of Inaugurações Simultâneas is a creation by the designer Tina Siuda, Polish artist, based in Porto, of the Ó! Galeria (and also the author of the Wall painting at the Mercador - Guest House Porto, located at the Miguel Bombarda Street).

Saturday afternoon, starting at 4pm, Bombarda welcomes everyone with music and dance, an arts market, a jam session and outdoor workshops.

To know more about the galleries and studios that have turned Bombarda the "place" to experience art, join the free guided tours; participation is free, but prior registration is mandatory:

- Starting point: stand "Porto.";
- Tours: 4pm-5pm; 5.30pm -6.30pm;
- Each tour has a maximum of 15 participants;
-Registration: send name and preferred tour by 1pm of 13th March to (should there be any availability, registration in situ, at "Porto." counter, on 14th March will be accepted) .

The exhibits will be on show till 2nd May. The remaining cycles for Inaugurações Simultâneas of 2020 are set for 9th May, 27th June, 26th September and 14th November.