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News Porto.


Sports, traditional games, street entertainment, you name it, Porto has it all for the weekends! Come check out!
No one can deny that Porto is a city that translates "joyful atmosphere" the weekend over. As usual, and like these past Saturdays and Sundays in town, on 2nd August, let's go all out to enjoy sports, traditional games and street entertainment, especially arranged by the Municipality or Porto and partners for the delight of passers-by and strollers at the Invicta.
With the car free streets in Porto, in line with the Municipality's policy to reclaiming urban public space, both residents and visitors can take to the streets, literally, and appreciate the free activities presented by the Municipal Company Ágora or even visit the local cafés and stores to look for that special gift or treat.

This has been a successful initiative since day one, with local businesses enlivening their streets as well and gathering the community. This project will soon be replicated to other zones in the city.

On 2nd August the activities prepared will be presented at the Avenida de Rodrigues de Freitas, the Rua de Passos Manuel and the Passeio das Virtudes.

Mornings will continue to feature sports sessions and, in the afternoon, brace yourselves for the traditional games and street entertainment.

Once again, Patocycles will prepare a bicycle route at Avenida de Rodrigues de Freitas between 9am and 12 noon, for bikers up to 10 years old. Applications are done on site, upon arrival, first-come-first-served rule. There will be helmets and bicycles for every participant.

At the other end of the avenue, the fearless ones can have a go at skating, with various obstacles to surpass and different levels of difficulty, between 10am and 12 noon. This activity is promoted by Kate Skateshop and it is targeted at children from the age of six.

There are also tennis lessons, promoted by Clube Sportivo Nun'Alvares, delivered by professional coaches, between 11am and 1pm. Also worthy are the ball games prepared for children between four and ten years old.

In the afternoon, from 2pm to 7pm, people can go back to Avenida de Rodrigues de Freitas with the "Jogos do Hélder", featuring funny games to play with one's feet (hands off!).

Starting at 3pm, the Praça da Alegria Futebol Clube debuts its collaboration in this project, providing board games such as chess, checkers, dominoes, cards, just to name a few.
Finally, from 4pm to 7pm, street entertainment will make everyone laugh at his/her best!

Surprise yourself. See you in Porto.