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Serralves online experience awaits you. Do enjoy!
These are times for interesting things as well, as the SERRALVES ONLINE EXPERIENCE brings about the notion that it is this space between us that connects us the most. 

This initiative takes the Serralves Museum, the Park, the House and the Casa de Cinema to all of us; after all, Serralves is also this idea and its community that shares art, culture, nature and landscape.


The pandemic is here to challenge relationships and lifestyles; so, in line with challenging new perspectives Serralves launches the SOLE (Serralves On Line Experience) to make sure that everyone everywhere shares artistic, educational and environmental experiences.

Access to #SERRALVESONLINEEXPERIENCE is via, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.



#SERRALVESEMPAPEL invites Instagram users to share pictures of Serralves. More

#GALERIAVIRTUAL Watch video of exhibits and guided tours, and discover the spaces of the Serralves Foundation via Google Arts &Culture. More 

 #POSTALDESERRALVES On a daily basis, experience a panoramic view of Serralves, created by one of Serralves Instagram followers. More


 #SERRALVESACESSÍVEL The Serralves Foundation, its history and its spaces explained in Portuguese sign language and subtitling. More

 #EMDIRETO Serralves features live Instagram talks with several guests, experts in different fields of thinking, arts and science.

 #PALAVRADEARTISTA Every day, Serralves begins the day with an artist's quote, from its Collection, to inspire and to be thought-provocative. More

 #CLICARTE Highlight to the Serralves Collection, which features over 4.000 artwork, a click away. More

 #ARQUIVOONLINE Information sharing on the archives of Serralves, namely by Álvaro Siza and Carlos Alberto Cabral, among others. More

 #OUVIDODEARTISTA Playlists created by artists, inspired by their work or related to the several art themes featured at Serralves. More


 #DOTRYITATHOME Create an exhibition from your home, the "Do-it-Yourself" artwork.

 #ELECTRIC2020 Online excerpts of the virtual artwork, by different artists, featured by the Electric exhibition. More

 #FORADEPORTAS Sharing of Serralves partnership work in the country and abroad, jointly with other municipalities and institutions. More


 #ESPÉCIEDESERRALVES Daily, a selection of fauna and flora specimens is shared with the Serralves community. More

 #RAIZDAQUESTÃO This is a virtual space through which visitors can submit queries on the exotic and native flora of their daily places.

 #PARQUEVIVO The Park is presented via images, thus inviting to photo, video and text exploration, as well as the mini site "The Flora in the Park" or the App +Parque. More


 #UMDIAUMFILME This is the way of getting to know the filmography by Manoel de Oliveira. Each day a film is presented. The history of a work that mingles with the history of cinema. More

o #CASADOCINEMA Videos that enable visiting the spaces and the exhibitions at Casa do Cinema, interviews to artists and information on Manoel de Oliveira. More


 #STREAMINGTALKS This is a time to stop and think; as such, Serralves provides online videos of conferences and talks held in its auditorium. More


 #EMPALCO Enter a privileged stage, by watching videos of shows and performances that take place in Serralves. More


 #APRENDEREMCASA This is a sharing space for all the families, providing art and environmental activities, games, colouring exercises, and much more. More

 #SERRALVESENSINA Serralves shares its knowledge on different issues, namely contemporary art, biology, architecture and cinema.


 #NATUREZAEMJOGO Explore the Park, and the nature around it. Follow the instructions and play with your family. More

 #ARTEEMLOJA Serralves shop is available for online shopping, from art and design to nature, cinema and thought. More