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Retrospective on Eugène Green's films at Serralves

The "Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira", integrated into the Serralves Foundation area, features a full retrospective on the work by French filmmaker Eugène Green, from 17th January until 2nd February 2020.

This retrospective cycle is held in the scope of the "Eugène Green: The Image of the Word" exhibit, on show at the Serralves Foundation from 26th November 2019 until 6th February 2020. The main theme of the display is the filmmaker's work on Portuguese culture, to which he has devoted himself in the past decade.

His unique aesthetics have turned Eugène Green one of the most recognised cinematographers since his debut film "Toute Les Nuits" (2001), which will be the first film on screen during the retrospective cycle dedicated to his work in Serralves.


17 JAN | Fri | 9:30pm

Toutes les nuits, 2001

18 JAN | Sat | 5:00pm

Le nom du feu, 2002
Le monde vivant, 2003

19 JAN | Sun | 5:00pm

Le pont des Arts, 2004

25 JAN | Sat | 5:00pm

Correspondances, 2009

A Religiosa Portuguesa, 2009

26 JAN | Sun | 5:00pm

Les signes, 2006

La Sapienza, 2014

31 JAN | Fri | 21h30

Faire la parole, 2015

1 FEV | Sat | 5:00pm

Le fils de Joseph, 2016

2 FEV | Sun | 5:00pm

Preso egon denaren gogoa, 2018

The "Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira", designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira, was inaugurated in Serralves, on 24 June 2019 and it represents a new reference pole regarding cinema.