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Reboot energy levels with Days with Energy in Porto

The programme Days with Energy is now extended to other locations in town. Free classes are held not only on Saturdays but also on Sundays. The current public health situation demands that activities are carried out according to Covid-19 preventive measures, namely social distancing, face masks and hand sanitation. Prior registration is mandatory via email Applications must be made each week. 

The "Days with Energy" Municipal Programme is a municipal project aimed at promoting physical activity and raising awareness on the importance of staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. This is the perfect opportunity to boost one's own energy and inner stamina, much needed under this estranged times.

Each class has the maximum number of participants of 20 people and activities are exclusively held outdoors. The Days with Energy municipal initiative offers Pilates, yoga, tai-chi and the De Rose method in four venues in the city: Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, Porto City Park, and now also at the Oriental Park and the Pasteleira Park.

Access is free. Wear comfortable clothes, bring your own Pilates mats and show up, regardless of your proficiency level at each of these activities. The Days with Energy activities are ill-advised for pregnant women, people aged 60 or more and people with chronic diseases. 


Gardens of Palácio de Cristal

9am - Pilates
10am - Yoga
11am - Tai chi

Oriental City Park:

10am - Tai chi 11am

Pasteleira Park

10am - Yoga
11am - Pilates

City Park

9.30am - Tai chi (next the viaduct nearby the Edifício Transparente)
11am - De Rose Method (next the Water Pavilion)

Domingos em Forma

12, 19 and 26 July, from 10am till 11am, at Oriental Park of Porto

The municipal programme "Domingos em Forma" ["Sundays in Shape", free translation] is not held biweekly, as previously, and now it is held on a weekly basis. It is held every Sunday morning, from 10am to 11am.

The physical exercise and walk are only done outdoors and the usual free transport between the Campanhã Station and the Oriental Park of Porto is no longer available.

Each session has a limited capacity of 20 people, which will then be separated into groups of 10 people. The meeting point is nearby the main entrance at the Pavilhão Municipal do Lagarteiro. 

Previous appointment is mandatory via email Applications should be carried out on a week by week basis.

The Days with Energy activities are ill-advised for pregnant women, people aged 60 or more and people with chronic diseases.