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News Porto.


Porto Municipal Theatre is all about performances, dance, circus, music, visual arts and big ideas. Excited already? So are we!

Porto Municipal Theatre (TMP) officially launched the new season 2019/2020 and completed five years, so the evening was one to celebrate this milestone, with a party that embraced the city.

Rivoli was crowded, as no one missed the call to hear Mayor Rui Moreira explain that this path of creating a Municipal Theatre in Porto, which he began with former Councillor for Culture Paulo Cunha e Silva, "has been both intense and vibrant". "It is a new season of the Theatre of the World that looks at its city", enthused Rui Moreira.

The Municipal Theatre programme presents circa 60 performances and 10 national premieres, from September 2019 till June 2020.

Tiago Guedes, Porto Municipal Theatre Artistic Director highlighted the umbrella theme for this new season as a "rather political vision", although "portrayed by the artist's vison" and regarding the world's most pressing matters.

Five years past, the inception of a Municipal Theatre, which encompasses Rivoli and Campo Alegre Theatre, the record is a rather successful one, with over six hundred thousand viewers, more than five hundred shows and the participation of 4 thousand artists and occupancy rates of 90%.

"The world keeps a close eye at the work of Porto Municipal Theatre", Rui Moreira pointed out, also mentioning that the newly created Municipal Company Ágora "will bring a new impetus to the municipal work developed in the field of culture".

Some of the international highlights include Hoomar Sharifi, Wen Hui, and Philippe Quesne. Moreover, particular attention was given to the Forum of the Future (from 3 to 9 November), the theme of which is the celebration of 500 years of Ferdinand Magellan's Voyage of circumnavigation, and also the extended commemoration of Rivoli's 88th anniversary, in January.

This new MTP new Season kicks off on 27 September with Israel Galván's Flamenco, in "La Fiesta".

The evening concluded with an after party, outdoor, at the D. João I Square, where the crowd enjoyed a concert by Baleia Baleia Baleia.

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