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News Porto.


Porto Municipal Theatre announced the selected artistic research projects under the "Reclaiming Time" programme

There are 11 artistic projects selected by the "Reclaiming Time - Artistic Research and Investigation", the initiative launched by Porto Municipal Theatre with the goal of boosting research work by artists residing or working in the parish of Porto, from different artistic fields.

The amount of 3000 euros will be granted to each investigation project, starting this month of June.

The proposals were selected by a jury of recognised professionals, namely Cristina Planas Leitão, choreographer and programme assistant at Porto Municipal Theatre, Pedro Barreiro, stage director and programmer at Rua das Gaivotas 6, and the duo of visual artists Daniel Moreira and Rita Castro Neves. In total there were 165 artistic investigation projects.

According to Cristina Planas Leitão, a member of the jury, "the fact that this type of programme exists to support research in the artistic field is of the uttermost importance to value the city's cultural fabric and to deepen artistic discourses, enabling a work plan that it is not that focused on the final outcome".

The selection criteria was the adequacy of the proposal to the current context, profile and path of the candidate, as well as clarity and systematization of the project to be developed, alongside the innovative facto as a ways to boost new artistic discourses.

Below are the 11 presented and selected projects:

- Ana Renata Polónia - Dança / Cruzamentos Disciplinares

- Flávio Rodrigues - Cruzamentos Disciplinares

- Gil Delindro - Cruzamentos Disciplinares

- Joclécio Azevedo - Dança / Escrita e Reflexão em Artes Performativas

- Jorge Gonçalves - Dança

- Luís Araújo - Teatro / Cruzamentos Disciplinares

- Mafalda Banquart e Emanuel Santos - Teatro / Escrita e Reflexão em Artes Performativas

- Maria Trabulo - Cruzamentos Disciplinares / Escrita e Reflexão em Artes Performativas

- Rebecca Moradalizadeh - Cruzamentos Disciplinares / Escrita e Reflexão em Artes Performativas

- Rogério Nuno Costa - Teatro / Escrita e Reflexão em Artes Performativas

- Vinicius Massucato - Teatro / Cruzamentos Disciplinares

The programme "Reclamar Tempo", announced in early May by Porto Municipal strengthens the support to the artistic fields in the areas of creation, dance, theatre, performance, contemporary circus, cross cutting areas, writing and reflexion on performing arts.