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News Porto.


Porto Municipal Gallery programme of events and activities: cultural horizons

Six group exhibitions, another six individual exhibitions and other two exhibits on display in the scope of the Anuário programme are the highlights for the 18 months new cultural season announced by Mayor of Porto and in-charge of the Culture Department, Rui Moreira and the Artistic Director of the Municipal Gallery and in charge of the Contemporary Art and Cinema Department at Ágora Municipal Company, Guilherme Blanc. The new cultural season extends till August 2021.

Mayor Rui Moreira explained that this cultural programme "is intended to create highly visible cultural platforms and it is precisely the time that takes till the next election", adding that he expects that by then, "the city doesn't not fall back into the shadows".

This coming year and a half, the Municipal Gallery will continue its regular programme that includes exhibitions and events devoted to contemporary art, so as to promote awareness on the current artistic tendencies and boost the debate on contemporaneity trough art.

"This is our commitment to the city and its artistic patrimony, but also to the Municipal Gallery as an informal venue devoted to contemporary art", enhanced Guilherme Blanc, all the while highlighting the opening of the exhibit themed "Que horas são que horas", on 12th September, which pictures the role that a Municipal Gallery must play in the city.

This new cycle of activities brings six group exhibits to the Gallery's ground floor, devoted to a particular issue on contemporary art; another six individual displays take to the gallery's first floor; also, this cycle is an excellent opportunity to build new cultural connections between Portugal, Israel, Latvia and Brazil, just to mention a few.

At the same time, the Educational Project has been reformulated: the guided tours and workshops targeted at the school community will be enhanced with the PING! - Incursion Programme to the Gallery. The PING! Is aimed at boosting the link between the Municipal Gallery and the schools in Porto, so as to promote thinking and stimulating artistic expressions among children and youth.

The programme also includes the "Anuário" project and the organisations of two outdoors exhibitions, namely the "Anuário 19", which opens on 5th March and is held in partnership with the Youth Foundation at the Palácio das Artes.

The Municipal Gallery New Season kicks off on 14th March, with the simultaneous opening of the "Masks" exhibit, curated by João Laia and Valentinas Klimasauskas and also the exhibit "Apesar de não estar, estou muito", by Diogo Jesus, curated by João Ribas, on display in the Mezzanine.

See HERE the Municipal Gallery full programme.