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News Porto.


Porto Design Biennale 2019 focus on "Post Millennium Tension"

The first edition of Porto Design Biennale (PDB) 2019 advances a programme to rethinking design in the new millennium. The programme titled "Post Millennium Tension" features activities, workshops, performances, installations and talks.

The PDB suggests manifold activities, which will be held in several venues in the cities of Porto and Matosinhos, and it will run from 19 September to 8 December 2019.

The Biennale is aimed at developing and internationalising design thinking and practice. The PDB is jointly promoted by Porto City Hall and Matosinhos City Hall, it is organised by the esad-idea - Research in Design and Art.

The Biennale is curated by José Bártolo, and Porto Design Biennale 2019 first edition seeks to trace the projects and work processes by the Millennials, aka Generation Y or the Net Generation, usually named this way to refer to individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century, in a framework of accelerated tensions at global level, be it identity wise, geopolitical, financial, environmental and technological.

In the scope of the PDB 2019, Porto Municipal Gallery hosts the exhibition "Millennials - Design do Novo Milénio", which will inaugurate in 19 September and will be on display till 17 November.

The exhibit is about designers' millennials and their work in a market that is constantly evolving.

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