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Porto Book Fair 2020 concludes on 13th September: this might be the perfect reason to drop by the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal this weekend
This year, Porto Book fair was not all business as usual: amid a pandemic, the Municipality of Porto had to sort of reinvent the event (pun intended) and the city still got its most relevant literary festival. The Fair kicked off on 28th August and it concludes this weekend, on 13th September. See what you can still savour before it ends. 

Find out what to expect at Porto Book Fair, at the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, as it concludes this Sunday, on 13th September. This year, the motto of the Fair is "Alegria para o fim do mundo" ["Joy to the End of the World", free translation], transliterated from the work by Andreia C. Faria.

There are still ongoing activities, namely cinema screening, debates, workshops, concerts and performances.

On 12th September, starting at 3pm, the Concha Acústica hosts the concert "Vamos Imaginar um Bairro de Luz" (Let's Imagine a Neighbourhood of Light", free translation), which is the outcome of the artistic residency at the Bairro do Cerco, via a project supported by Porto City Hall. Circa 40 participants, aged between 8 and 17 years old will deliver the performance. The Oupa Cerco will feature as guest performers.

Around 7pm, the yard at Casa do Roseiral hosts another Concertos de Bolso event, curated by Maus Hábitos. This time is Coelho Radioactivo, a project by João Sarnadas, who will take to the stage.

Audiences will also have the opportunity to enjoy the Retimbrar and their acoustic instruments performance.

The Lago dos Cavalinhos hosts another Porta-Jazz ao Relento, starting at 9.30pm, as usual. Nuno Campos performs his second album, TaCatarinaTen. With him, on stage, will be saxophonist José Pedro Coelho, pianist Miguel Meirinhos and drummer Ricardo Coelho.

Sunday, 13th September, around 6pm, it is time to appreciate the culmination of the musical moments at the yard of Casa do Roseiral, as pianists Pedro Burmester and Mário Laginha present piano four-hand concert.

Also on Sunday, but an hour earlier, at 5pm, the Lago dos Cavalinhos hosts another Trengolas show. Contemporary circus arts, organised by the company Erva Daninha will amuse grown-ups and children alike.

Sunday, 13th September, is also the evening that concludes the , with the screening of the film !Women Art Revolution (!W.A.R), starting at 9.30pm.
The Fair registered 68 applications of interest, which means that over 80 publishing entities, namely publishers, booksellers, distributors and used bookstores participate in the fair, totalling 120 stands.

The venue complies with all the preventive control measures under the ongoing pandemic scenario. Porto Book Fair ensures that all the mandatory preventive rules regarding the novel coronavirus prevention are in place, namely sanitation and social distancing measures.

Entry and exit to Porto Book Fair is monitored, up to a limit of 3.500 people simultaneously. See here all you need to know when visiting Porto book Fair.
Porto Book Fair (PBF) 2020 operating hours are:

Friday: 12 noon - 11pm 
Saturday: 11am - 11pm
Sunday: 11am - 9.30pm

Information is being constantly updated at the Porto Book Fair official website and on Facebook.

See here the full programming of Porto Book Fair 2020.