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News Porto.


Porta-Jazz concert on 9 August, 7pm: be there!
The Porta-Jazz new initiative themed "Quintal Porta-Jazz", where the stage is brought outside, features one last concert, on 9th August, at 7pm. 

Following a shutdown period due to the current pandemic, the 10 year-old event Porta-Jazz event resumes its weekly concert agenda, now in an outdoor format, in compliance with all safety measures issued by the DGS.

These outdoor concerts need prior reservation. So, get your tickets. Concerts begin at 7pm.

The Association Porta-Jazz took to the stage eight concerts with Portuguese and foreign artists. The kick off concert took place on 8th July, by the collective Damian Cabaud, with the project "Aparición".

Also on stage were Trocado / Tavares / Constanzo, on 12th Julu; Festival Robalo -- "Kiri" (Cardita/Joana/Giani/Joaquim) and Samuel Blaser/Mark Ducretthe on 15th and the Esmae Jazz Ensemble on 19th July, featuring Hugo Caldeira (Trombone), Rui Catarino (Guitar), Rafael Santos (Guitar and Clarinet), and Gonçalo Ribeiro (drums); still time for Eurico Costa Trio on 26 July, and to inaugurate August, Toscano, Pinheiro, Mira, Ferrandini (Jazz 2020) took to the stage.

There is still one last concert, before Porta Jazz heads to Feira do Livro do Porto, which debuts on 28th August. Take time to enjoy André Rosinha Trio (Jazz 2020), on 9th August, at 7pm.

Porta-Jazz Festival is a key part of the cultural scene in the city of Porto, and it is also an important reference for jazz in Portugal.

In compliance with the preventive measures under the pandemic of the new coronavirus, occupancy is limited and prior reservations should be made here.