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News Porto.


Old meets new as Super Bock Arena - Rosa Mota pavilion undergoes structural renovation in Porto

In about three months' time, the new Rosa Mota Pavilion, in the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal will open under the name Super Bock Arena - Rosa Mota Pavilion, in the city of Porto.

This is an historic building that is an integral part of Porto cityscape. Although the building remains "old", in the sense that it will have the same appearance, the interior will successfully blend new structural facilities and fixtures, and The result is a facility that interacts with its context: a building equipped for future needs of international business or cultural events, and concurrently, the landmark facility that is restored with attractive historic features and architectural value.

The goal is that the building hosts large cultural, sportive or business events, with a capacity to house up to eight thousand people (in a format without stands) or 5500 people (seated event).

The first and the third floors will feature galleries, and the second floor will comprise 23 theatre boxes, each one equipped with 16 seats.

The main room will have two lounge areas, four dressing rooms, shower rooms, and an elevator. Persons with reduced mobility will have reserved seats both on the ground floor and the first floor.

Also, the arena will host visits to the dome, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent 360 degree view of the city of Porto and the river Douro.
In addition, the lower ground floor will host a congress centre, offering a seating capacity of 500 places, four rooms that house 100 people and an exhibition area of 600 square meters.

The Super Bock Arena - Rosa Mota Pavilion has also planned a restaurant with a view to the lake and to the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, with a 300 square meter area and an esplanade with 400 square meters. There will also be a food court on the Ground Floor.

Despite the fact that the opening takes place this October, there are already confirmed events to the Super Bock Arena - Rosa Mota Pavilion, namely the WordCamp 2020 - focused on the WordPress Platform - as well as performances by Amar Amália, Alexandre Pires and Marília Mendonça.

The original building, which was built in the fifties, was in need of restoring for years now, and the renovation world kicked off in the end of 2017, with an investment that surpassed the amount of eight million euros.

It served mostly as a sports facility in the past, but it has also hosted concerts by Blondie, Diana Krall, James, Dream Theatre or Cabaret Voltaire.