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News Porto.


New exhibitions that shape the cultural season at Miguel Bombarda
This coming Saturday, on 26th September, 15 contemporary art galleries at the Arts District of Miguel Bombarda feature new exhibits, and the novelty is that these exhibits can be visited from home. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, access to "Abertura de Novas Exposições" ("Opening of New Exhibitions", free translation) will be more limited, but exhibition's display will be extended, as highlighted by the municipal company Ágora.

The Inaugurações Simultâneas are usually accompanied by street entertainment that, for once, will go digital.

The event "Bombarda em Casa" (Bombarda at Home), free translation) invites for two concerts curated by Lovers & Lollypops and a guided tour to the exhibitions.


4pm: Concert by João Pais Filipe
5pm: Guided tour in a digital format
6pm: Concert by Angélica Salvi