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National Theatre São João opens doors in June and performances take to the stage in August
Cultural Programming is at a standstill since March, due to the ongoing pandemic; with the easing of the lockdown, the National Theatre São João (TNSJ), as well as its two poles, the Teatro Carlos Alberto (TeCA) and the Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória reopen on 1st June. Performances take to the stage in August.

The going back to the stages happens in August, with the premier of the play "O Burguês Fidalgo", a joint production by Palmilha Dentada. The show takes to the stage on 6th August, with performances till the 23rd August, at TeCA.

The in-house production "Castro", staged by Nuno Cardoso, will be presented at the São João Theatre, starting on 20th August, and extending presentations till 12th September.

The decision to go forward with two well established plays enable the safeguarding of all safety measures regarding Covid-19 in a timely manner.

During lockdown, this play was digitally presented at everyone's' homes, and it was streamed online on World Day of the Theatre, on 27th March; theatre director Nuno Cardoso and several actors delivered a talk on theatre and a workshop on the Clown technique was presented.

On 20th August, the play "Castro" takes to the stage at TNSJ, where it will be on show till 12th September. Ticket price ranges from 7.50 and 16 euros.

All national joint productions by TNSJ, previously scheduled to be presented between March and July 2020 are now included in the 2020/2021 Season.