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National Theatre São João delivers star performances to express thanks to the workers on the frontline against Covid-19
Three spoken word performances, three times thank you to health and Civil protection workers as well as to the Fiends of TNSJ. From 2nd to the 4th July, the TNSJ will deliver star performances to express thanks to workers on the frontline against the novel coronavirus.  

The National Theatre of São João (TNSJ) prepared a programme to thank the work carried out by health workers and Civil Protection personnel. Performances from 2nd to 4th July; Thursday and Friday at 9pm and on Saturday at 7pm.

TNSJ artistic director, Nuno Cardoso enters the realm of Portuguese dramaturgy and delivers his performance of a canon, the classical tragedy work by poet António Ferreira, of which Cardoso conveys a particular reading of the legendary and also mythical love story of D. Pedro and Inês de Castro. Feelings such as love, power, utopia, desire and chaos are universal and still standing.

The play features costumes by Luis Buchinho and Cardoso takes to the stage Afonso Santos, Joana Carvalho, João Melo, Margarida Carvalho, Maria Leite, Mário Santos, Pedro Frias, Rodrigo Santos, in an in-house production.

These spoken word sessions are exclusively intended for health professionals, civil protection personnel and also holders of the card Amigos do TNSJ.

It is worth recalling that TNSJ is celebrating its centennial year in 2020.

Prior reservation is mandatory via phone number 223 401 951 (Monday to Friday, between 10am and 1pm, and between 2pm and 6pm), or via email