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Movie-lovers are invited for "Há Filmes na Baixa"
The initiative "Há Filmes na Baixa" features a selection of some of the most iconic films of the latest doclisboa edition, in collaboration with Porto/Post/Doc. All sessions are screened at 7pm, from 9th to 18th July. 

Today, the "Há Filmes na Baixa" takes to the big screen at Passos Manuel the "Un film dramatique", [A dramatic Film] by Éric Baudelaire.

The film revolves around the recurring question for the students of the film group at Dora Maar middle school, where director Éric Baudelaire worked during four years. The film portrays the uniqueness of each student and the substance of individuals as a group, as well.

Know that there are movie sessions till 18th July.


Normal: 5€;
Students: 2€;
Over 65 years old and TRIPASS card: 3. 5€;


9th July

Un film dramatique
Éric Baudelaire

10th July

143 rue du désert
Hassen Ferhani

11th July

Santikhiri Sonata
Thunska Pansittivorakul

15th July

This Film is About Me
Alexis Delgado Búrdalo

16th July

61. La verdad interior
Sofía Brito

17th July

Um Filme de Verão
Jo Serfaty

18th July

A Story from Africa
Billy Woodberry
Sonhámos um País
Camilo de Sousa e Isabel Noronha