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News Porto.


Long overdue fulfilment brings an eco-track to former Customs railway
Porto Municipal Assembly approved the contract to establish an eco-track in the former Customs Railway branch, which was deactivated in 1989. 

The Municipal Executive unanimously approved this immediate solution, while a public discussion to debate the possible definitive solution to the railway branch is being prepared. The goal is that, in the meantime, the population can enjoy "the operability and safety of an eco-track devoted to soft transport modes".

This is the temporary solution as there are two options to move forward regarding this specific endeavour, namely an eco-track, encompassing both a pedestrian and a bike path or a fast connection commuter transport, between Campanhã and Customs, which will feature an electrical transportation system.

With both projects, the larger purpose is to reduce the number of motor vehicles that enter the city on a daily basis and to transform some areas in the parking lot zone into a recreational space.