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It is said that exercising is good for body and soul! Days with Energy municipal programme prove that to be true
As we approach cooler days and seasonal mood shifts, which may include less energy, lean on the municipal initiative "Days with Energy" to boost stamina and wellbeing levels. 

Starting this first weekend of October, the programme "Days with Energy" is no longer held outdoors and will offer four indoor venues within the municipal equipment, every Saturday morning, with free classes of Pilates, Yoga and Tai chi. Participation is free, but the number of participants varies according to the venue. Between 9am and 9.30am choose the activity that suits you best.

All the activities are carried out in compliance with the public health measures issued by the DGS amid the current pandemic, namely social distancing, compulsory use of face masks and hand sanitation.

Previous appointment is mandatory via email Applications should be carried out on a week by week basis, starting the previous Monday, as the number of participants is limited.

Bear in mind that the Days with Energy activities are ill-advised for pregnant women, people aged 60 or more and people with chronic diseases.



- Fontes Pereira de Melo School gymnasium

9am - Pilates
10am - Yoga
11am - Tai chi
Participants per class: 12

- Pavilion of Lagarteiro*

9.30am - Pilates
11am - Yoga
Participants per class: 10

- Pavilion at Escola EB 2/3 Nicolau Nasoni*

9.30am - Yoga
11am - Pilates
Participants per class: 15

- Pavilion at Escola EB 2/3 do Viso*

9.30am - Yoga
11am - Pilates
Participants per class: 22

* Classes vary each Saturday, ranging from Yoga to Pilates and Tai chi.