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News Porto.


Impactful art installation landed at Aliados as Porto Design Biennale puts wind turbine on public display

It is astonishing to see a 41-meter 8.2-ton aeolian blade stand in the middle of the Aliados Avenue; it conveys a feeling of contrast, which so aptly describes the tension between social and cultural space, translating both into the artful way to raise awareness on the topic of climate changes and renewable energies.

This site-specific installation within the Porto Design Biennale references both the city's engagement and status as a cultural hub. The vibrant Porto is bursting with formidable cultural events and Porto Design Biennale is one of such cultural happenings.

"The Hard Design project is aimed at establishing a connection with the Portuguese industry, selecting large dimension equipment. This first edition of Porto Design Biennale selected a huge aeolian blade and 1km of optical fibre", explains José Bártolo, PDB curator.

"The choosing of a wind blade is rather predictable, because it is directly linked with the topic of renewable energies and creates a public art installation", Bártolo concludes.

This installation is imbued with serious meanings whilst inviting "the public to join the thinking of contemporary society", and "sparks the natural curiosity of passers-by", as pinpointed by Mayor Rui Moreira.

This installation is themed "Hard Design - Os Filhos de Eos", curated by Eduardo Côrte-Real, and it will be on show in Aliados till 20th October. Concurrently, the optic fibre cable will be suspended in the façade of the Municipal Library Florbela Espanca, in Matosinhos, on 24th October.

The first Porto Design Biennale (PDB), organised by ESAD-IDEA and the joint collaboration of the Municipalities of Porto and Matosinhos, runs from 19 September till 8 December.

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