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News Porto.


"I'm coming home for Xmas", says Rui Veloso

Rui Veloso takes to the stage of the renovated Super Bock Arena-Rosa Mota Pavilion, on 14th December, at 10pm.

This will be a Xmas special, both for the singer and the fans who can't wait to hear the tunes of timeless hits songs such as "Chico Fininho","Porto Covo", "Anel de Rubi" or "Primeiro Beijo".

Rui Veloso was born in Lisbon, but at the age of three months he moved to the Invicta. It has been a passionate relationship ever since.

The most beautiful time of year (Xmas everybody!) will be a joyful opportunity to see Rui Veloso performing live the most iconic songs of his career.

Tickets are available at the usual venues, as of 13th October. Price tickets range between 30€ and 50€.

It is worth mentioning that this refurbished iconic building at Palácio de Cristal - the Super Bock Arena-Rosa Mota Pavilion, will be inaugurated on 31st October with a live concert by Ornatos Violeta band, from Porto.

The opening is sold out, more than enough reason to have a second date: 1st November! So, it is a double opening, as all good things come in pairs!