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News Porto.


From plastic waste to inspiring art in Porto

The Spider Crab sculpture is made out of five thousand plastic bottles and it is standing in front of Trindade Metro Station to raise awareness on plastic waste.

With a height of 3 m and a diameter of 5 m, the sculpture raises the public awareness on ocean pollution and the amount of plastic in the sea, which is ever-growing.
Xandi Kreuzeder and João Parrinha, sculptors at Skeleton Sea found an inspiring and creative way to further highlight the issue on the use of recycled plastic with this art installation.

The message is clear: it is crucial to keep oceans clean.

This installation was set up in the framework of a campaign by the Chamber of Engineers - Northern Region (OERN), which gathered companies, visual artists and universities in a conference themed "Beyond single-use plastics", held at the OERN headquarters, on 11 June, with the support of Porto city Hall.