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News Porto.


French Film Festival 20th anniversary is celebrated in Porto

It's been eighteen days now that the French Cinema Festival is travelling the country. It kicked-off on 1st October and after Lisbon, Almada, Setúbal and Coimbra, the 20th anniversary just HAD to be celebrated up north, in Porto.

From 22nd October until 27th October, the celebration takes place at Rivoli theatre, featuring 13 premieres, from independent cinema to animated films, the French Film Festival debuts with the screening of "Fahim, the Little Chess Prince", at 9pm. This is the story of an eight year-old chess prodigy boy, Fahim, who arrives in Paris with his father, but he is refused asylum, as illegal immigrants they spiral downwards into homelessness and desperation.

Fahim is then blessed by chance as he is introduced to one of France's top chess coaches, Sylvain who tutors him. More than an account of grim realities it is also a heart-warming testimony to how far people can go when they are resilient and fortunate, as well.

Also, the commedy by Julien Hallard, "Commes des Garçons", and the post-apocalyptic vision of "Dans la Brume", by Daniel Roby, are some of the films to be screened.

There will be especial sessions for schools and for the youth, aged nine to fifteen.

Tickets cost 3.5 euros per person (discount ticket is 3 euros). School sessions are 1 euro per person.

The French Film festival is organised by ACID - Association du Cinema Indépendant pour sa Diffusion, the Institut Français du Portugal, and the French Embassy in Portugal; as well as the support of SERENA Productions, in partnership with Alliance Française do Porto, Porto City Hall and Rivoli.

See here for more information.