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News Porto.


Fado concerts that you should attend to at Casa da Música this August

Although the month of August is half gone, there is still time to appreciate Fado at Casa da Música, as every single evening a performance is delivered. Tickets cost 10 euros.

The "Tasting Portugal" initiative kicked off on 1 August and will conclude when August ends.

Fado, whose origins trace back to the 1820's in Portugal, is a form of Portuguese singing that is generally known for how expressive in nature it is, either melancholic or more lively, as this Portugal's soulful, guitar-based national song style is experiencing a sort of reinvention, with new voices reinterpreting this genre in the framework of the so called contemporary or modern Fado.

From Sunday to Tuesday, Fado and the Portuguese guitar are the main stars of these August concerts; Sunday is Fado day, every Monday there are guitar sounds and on Tuesdays there is a mix of tunes. From Wednesday to Saturday, Portugal makes itself known through traditional instruments and regional accents, which illustrates the country's cultural richness.

Concerts take place at Room 2, Casa da Música and are scheduled to begin at 6.30 pm.

Tickets cost 10 euros.

See here for more information.