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News Porto.


Enter a Shark Cage with Brian Skerry in Porto

Still time to appreciate one of the most iconic exhibits with the National Geographic seal of quality, as the exhibit that features 50 images by Brian Skerry is on display at the Biodiversity Gallery, in Porto till December ends.

The exhibit in Porto brings a new feature: for the first time in Portugal, it will be possible to enter a "Shark Cage" similar to the one used by Brian Skerry during his expeditions. It is an immersive installation, where visitors will be able to experience of being at the bottom of the sea, and like any scientist, do "some scientific observation" and also swim with sharks.

Skerry, National Geographic photographer, leads visitors through the fascinating world of one of the top predators of the oceans and seas: Sharks.

The main goal of such an event is to warn the global public to the danger of extinction of many shark species, to awaken and stir conscientiousness and transcending myths.

Are you aware that, every year, around 100 million sharks are captured for trade reasons such as shark finning or by accident as they get caught in fishing nets?

Thus, many species are on the brink of extinction and the result is a dramatic loss of marine biodiversity, as these predators are key to maintain the ecosystem balance, as indicated by National Geographic in a statement.
The exhibit is open from Tuesday till Sunday, from 10am to 6pm. Tickets are available at the Biodiversity Gallery or at the BOL.