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Cycle "Sophia and the Arts" celebrates the poet's extraordinary literary journey

The Serralves Foundation and the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library host the "Cycle Sophia and the Arts - at the Centenary of the Birth of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen", from 16 November 2019 until 14 December 2019.

The cycle is divided into five sessions throughout November (16, 23 and 30) and December (7 and 14). The first four sessions are devoted to approaching the work of Sophia in the framework of different artistic fields, namely "Sophia and the Music", "Sophia and the Dance", "Sophia and Visual Arts", and "Sophia and Form".
This cycle is conducted by two guest speakers, experts on Sophia's work.

The last session concludes with the performance by Angélica Vuduvum, who will deliver an original performance for the occasion.

Throughout the year 2019, several places have hosted this celebration, including the house where Sophia was born, the beach of Granja, the family's holiday getaway in the North and the Algarve, as Lagos was the destination for family holidays in the sixties. All these elements are significant constants in the poet's life and work.

At year-end, all the materials that are part of the exhibition will be added to the legacy of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen in the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal [National Library of Portugal], as it is heritage of the Portuguese people.

"Poetry is my understanding of the universe, my way of relating to things, my participation in reality, my encounter with voices and images. This is why the poem speaks not of an ideal life but of a concrete one: the angle of a window, the resonance of streets, cities and rooms, the shadow cast by a wall, a sudden face, the silence, distance and brightness of the stars, the night's breath, the scent of linden and of oregano", as Sophia explained.

See here the full programme.