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Collective sketching and writing at Bolhão Temporary Market, on 9th November

November is the month of exquisite products: kiwi, chestnuts, pumpkin, persimmon and sugar beet are some of the products on offer at the Bolhão Temporary Market.

And Christmas is coming! The festive season will pop up in no time, with tinsel and twinkly lights popping up before we can say "Happy Xmas".

We invite you to drop by Bolhão Temporary Market (BTM) and start shopping for Xmas. The perfect gift may be waiting for you.

In the meantime, take the children and participate at the workshop "Vai um Bilhó?" that offers collective sketching and writing at BTM, this Saturday, on 9th November, at 3pm.

The Talkie Walkie, guided by Sónia Borges, will let you in the chestnut traditions and lore, as what links the chestnut tree and charcoal, or building a special chestnut tree at Bolhão Market, just to mention a few.

It will be fun!