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News Porto.


Coliseu Porto Ageas celebrates World Music Day with clarinettist Carlos Ferreira
Coliseu Porto Ageas and the Portuguese Philharmonic Orchestra organise the Concert with Commentaries "from Mozart to Beethoven", featuring works by these two major composers of all times. The concert takes place on 1st October, at 9.30pm and marks the return of the clarinettist from Porto, Carlos Ferreira to the Invicta.

This show starts with the "Concert for Clarinet", one of the last works by Mozart; the "Heroic Symphony), a symphony in four movements by Ludwig van Beethoven.
Carlos Ferreira was born in Porto, in 1993, and started as a musician in the Banda de Vilela, aged five, and now he plays at the Orchestre National de France, place he conquered last July, this year.

Last year, he had already earned his place at the London Philharmonic Orchestra and he was also a Major Clarinettist at the Orchestre National de Lille. Out of the many awards the musician has won, highlight to the second place at the prestigious International Music Award - ARD, in 2019.

What might be the link between Beethoven and Mozart? Why did Beethoven annulled his dedication of the "Eroica" to Napoleon Bonaparte? In an informal atmosphere, Maestro Osvaldo Ferreira will explain this and other trivia, in an evening that celebrates music and the comeback of Carlos Ferreira to his hometown, as well as the 250 years of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Ticket prices range between 5€ and 9€ and can be purchased at the ticket boxes at Coliseu Porto Ageas, Ticket line and the usual places. Music students, anyone under 12 years old and older than 65 years can profit from a 20% discount.